Every time we approach issues that escape from concepts of “normality”, of right and wrong, acceptable or not, in our society, paying heed to words, choosing lilt carefully, and above all respect, should compulsorily be present. After all, we’re not referring here to a ballot where opinions differ diversely.

This matter encompasses behaviors, sentiments, the modus vivendi of each one, their loving mode, and all of which imbues a life story, a social context, familial and affective bonds, and for all that, already deserves our respect.

Homosexuality Adam4Adamn still makes part of those polemic ridden issues, besides, of course, those preconceived ideas that haunt people.

Prejudice against a type of conduct already quite evident amongst population, takes its toll, since homosexualism exists, and that is a fact, and so far always been present, in any given age or God’s forgotten corner of history.

Another significant point are the myths sipped into the homosexual history, ruled by religious creeds-some more orthodox than others, by cultural background, by social feedback and by our outright bias, which is linked to such factors aforementioned.

All of which stemming in those involved, fits of fear, anxiety, low-self-esteem and even depression that affects the youth Adam4Adamn, who need to define themselves through their discoveries but end up meeting in the world they live so much disarray and disrespect towards people’s sexual orientation.

As follows, certain situations that I, perceptively, instructively and absorbingly tried to clarify and demystify.

Being homosexual or having homosexual feelings isn’t normal- being homosexual is as normal as being heterosexual, with no connections whatsoever with the sexual identity.

For example, at the penitentiaries with no feminine presence, often occurs, sexual relation between those of same sex, but it has to do with regard to libidinal tension offload or even with anxiety build up that winds up dissipating through the homosexual act.

Homosexuals are sick people; homosexuality in itself doesn’t promote a hint of psychological abnormality. May instill emotional strain if the individual lives under constant oppression and repression, much as internally as surroundings, it’s likely to affect self-esteem.

Mental health professionals don’t define homosexualism as some type of sexual disease, much less as mental impairment.

AIDS-God’s wrath on homosexuals, may many think likewise, but AIDS isn’t a sexual disease spread by homosexuals. This virus infects, disregarding of gender or sexual orientation, unprotected individuals with low regards to care for safe sex. Needles sharing might as well transmit the AIDS virus.

Homosexuals are child-molesters- it has a name though, Pedophilia, which characterizes sexual harassment by an adult against children, but though never to be confused with homosexuality. For all I care, even studies have showed that the vast majority of molesters are heterosexuals.

Homosexuals are promiscuous- these two words shouldn’t be interconnected, as there many homosexuals who are single or though, who lead steady relationships of life standing.

In a study conducted by Masters and Johnson, discrepancies existing in terms of sexual promiscuity, are the same between men and women, not interfering in their sexual orientation.

It’s known that misconceptions and myths are just as many, however the most resilient ones, were approached in this article.

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